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An Informal Nationwide Network of Funeral Directors, Suppliers, Celebrants and Stone Masons



 Our Network Is dedicated To;


  • Supporting members in their mission to provide bereaved families with funeral services of the highest standard of excellence and integrity;
  • Providing ongoing training and assistance;
  • Providing access to employment vacancies & opportunities within the funeral industry in New Zealand and Australia;
  • Sharing Ideas and Resources;
  • Supplying pertinent Information to the public with regard to the New Zealand funeral industry




  • Our current Network Membership is free of charge;
  • Membership is ongoing until such time as it is terminated by a majority decision of the current NZIFDN membership or because you no-longer work in the death care industry or an associated industry, profession or organisation or you have resigned from the NZIFDN;
  • You do not have to be a funeral director to become a member, however it is a prerequisite that you be in an industry, profession or organisation supplying services to the death care services industry;
  • All applications are assessed and approved by the current NZIFDN membership;
  • Small to moderate sized Funeral Providers, Monumental Stone Masons, Celebrants, Individual Funeral Directors (currently employed by an existing funeral home), Grief Counsellors.


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