Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct:
  • Members shall comply with all Government and local body by-laws and regulations relating to the New Zealand Funeral Industry.

  • Members shall comply with all Government legislation and regulations relating to prearranged prepaid funeral trusts.

  • Members shall without prejudice supply funeral services and products to client families without regard to faith, nationality, sex or sexual orientation.

  • Members shall act in an appropriate manner prior to release of the deceased into the care of the client family.  At no time should the client family be prompted to or required by circumstance to feel obliged to make full or part payment for services rendered unless otherwise agreed to.

  • Members shall act in a competent, professional and respectful manner at all times.  Have a high standard of personal presentation and use only legally registered, warranted and presentable vehicles and regularly serviced funeral equipment.

  • Funeral Home members “must” have a physical business address with a minimum of an office/arrangement room and a room for the purposes of dressing and casketing. Funeral Premises used for the purpose of funeral arrangements and viewings of deceased persons are to be of a high standard and must conform with local body bylaws and health and safety legislation.

  • Individual members shall be “solely responsible” and accept full responsibility for any wrongful, improper or unlawful act associated specifically to that individual member business or any individual performing duties associated specifically to that member’s business.

  • Members shall at all times treat the deceased in care with dignity and respect during all phases of the funeral process.

  • Members shall only allow properly trained and qualified embalmers, apprentices or interns to undertake mortuary care procedures.

  • Members shall not engage in any misleading or false advertising. Members shall be transparent, approachable and honest when dealing with client families.


  • All members shall act with the highest principles of integrity, with honesty and with the greatest respect for its client family and the recently deceased.

  • Failing to adhere to any of the items listed in the NZIFDN Code of Conduct will result in termination of membership.




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