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In late 2010 a small group of funeral directors who happened by chance to be in the same place at the same time, were informally discussing a number of issues related to the death care industry. It was then agreed that they would continue to share fresh ideas and resources to ensure that thier businesses were operating as efficiently and as effectively as possible with the help and support of others in the NZIFDN. And so the Network was born.
It was decided that the NZIFDN would remain an informal network, operating not like an association but as a support group that would provide assistance whenever or where ever it was required. As it is an informal network, membership is free of charge but all members are accepted only by way of invitation or application. Applications are submitted to all existing members of the NZIFDN for approval. All members must have reputable businesses, be of good character, be customer focused, work in the best interest of thier client families and strictly abide by the NZIFDN code of conduct.
Our membership base is made up of Funeral Directors, Monumental Stone Masons, Casket Suppliers, Celebrants, Religious Advisors, Registered Embalmers, Funeral Equipment Suppliers & Greif Counsellors. We remain proudly New Zealand owned and Independently operated. We also acknowledge our Australian colleagues in the IFDAA.
Please see our members list to support your local independent funeral provider.


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